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 FAQ Official List

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PostSubject: FAQ Official List   Mon 13 Oct 2008, 07:38

This is the FAQ list, do not post questions in this topic but post in the other topic called Post your questions here. Here is a list of obvious questions that i thought to put in.

How do we make the news?
Using a default SSN Newspage template you create your news by making your own story, check out the blast from the past section.

Can anyone make a report even if they are not officially a reporter for SSN?
Ofcourse, we will hold regular competitions to see who has the best, if they are excellent you could aply to be an official SSN Reporter

What does SSN stand for?
If you haven't yet seen it anywhere it stands for Ship Sim News.

What is the difference between a Reporter and Editor?
An Editor is someone who decides what photos to put on the front page and which bits of writing goes where etc. A reporter is someone who writes the news story. It is a team effort that involves both of these people

Can i use some of your ideas from your forum?
Absolutely, we are open providing you inform us first. Please remember that all of SSN's content is copyrighted to David Bailey (lilfirefighterbailey) Any abuse of this copyright will be dealt with accordingly. Unless expressed or stated otherwise you must not use any of SSN's content without consulting the Founder first. We do let you but the ideas must have restrictions.

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FAQ Official List
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